Monday, September 13, 2010

fweaky, fweaky

I'm not even sure how I'm functioning right now, but alas, here I am (early!) on a Monday morning stabbing away at the computer keys. It was a rough night because my petunia, Gabby, could not sleep because, as she said, "my nobe id stubby". Translation: my nose is stuffy. So, that meant I was awake with her, even though my nobe was completely unstubby, trying to convince her to let me use the "fweaky, fweaky". You know... the nose aspirator... that crazy blue bulbous, rubber squeezy, boogy snatcher thing... the fweaky fweaky. No, I'm not losing my beans, that's what it is. At least how I learned what it was from my cute & sweet Cuban grandmother who called it just that - fweaky fweaky. Ok, I'm sure it definitely had something to do with the fact that her limited English made it kind of difficult for her to say "aspirator", so why not call it like it sounds?? FWEAKY FWEAKY FWEAKY FWEAKY.

So, at 2 a.m. I'm in the dark, fweaky fweaky in one hand, tissues in the other, and wishing the actual fweaky fweaky had as much appeal as it's funny little nickname. In the end, the saline and fweaky fweaky went in the nose, the boogs surrendered out of the nose, and Gabby finally fell back asleep... 2 hours later...

Even with the challenges of the fweaky fweaky (and by challenges I mean pinning down your kid and getting it in there or the harder if the two, begging) it is totally worth it! So, don't be afraid, embrace and befriend the fweaky fweaky, and shove it on up your kids noses... they may never thank you but at least they'll be a little less snotty and you'll get a little more sleepy.

Miss you Nani!

Peace & Love.


erin said...

I walk around saying "fweaky fweaky" now!! LMAO! Love ya girl!