Tuesday, September 7, 2010

it's about time

Greetings & salutations! Welcome to the first official blog post of Uptown Girl Designs!! This is not my first attempt at being an uber cool blogger though. Or my second for that matter. (um, or my third if you really need to know!) I've been down this road before - excited & ready to spew out bubbles of my wisdom and wit for all the world to read. I would post daily (er, weekly!) easily relatable ramblings filled with that girl-next-door charm. Yep, I would be the next "IT" blogger & stir up the blogosphere with all I dared to share with my readers.

Then..... do I even need to say it? Seriously?? We all know what happened. You know, that thing we always blame for "settling in". Let's all say it together why don't we. REALITY! Or as some of you may have been thinking, her half-sister's 2nd cousin twice removed, TIME! Whatever your poison, reality or time, or a little cocktail of the two, these things always seem to turn you back into a pumpkin way before midnight. Or something like that.

The thing is, or the reality is, that there are so, so many blogs out there. So, so many that are already charming and witty and have that IT factor. How do you make yourself stand out even the teeniest bit? But more importantly, where do you fine the TIME to do it all?? I am slowly (& impatiently!!) learning that none of that actually really matters. Can you believe it? What matters is that you keep on... keeping on. Never stop, don't quit, and all that jazz. I may not be the next overnight IT sensation but this blog around I am going to try a little harder!

Peace & Love