Monday, September 27, 2010

{Lehla Shop}

I am SO excited about my very first addition to {my favorite things}... Lehla Shop!! I met the owner and fabulous designer, Lisa Hill, on Twitter and we very quickly connected. A Jersey gal at heart like me, she is not only as sweet as pie but she is chock full o' talent too! What drew me to her shop was the amazing & beautiful hand craftwomanship! One of my most favorite items are the grooviest little shoes ever - the Graffiti Sneakers!

ADORABLE, right??!! I recently gave a pair of these hand painted sneakers to a little girl for her 4th birthday and they were her favorite birthday gift!

The cuteness doesn't stop there. I mean look at this darling birthday party tutu outfit!! Talk about belle of the ball - love it!

And, I simply adore the Little Bitty Clippy's like these which are too perfect for Halloween coming up!

Lehla Shop is being featured in so many places right now, like The Daily Guncle, so I'm thrilled to have been able to snag Lisa to answer some questions! I think you'll see how easy it was to connect with Lisa. She is just so charming and fun! I hope you'll stop by Lehla Shop to find a sweet & unique gift for someone special in your life!

5 Questions with Lisa Hill from Lehla Shop

Uptown Girl: What was the inspiration for starting Lehla Shop?
Lisa Hill: My inspiration was my daughter! It's always about my daughter! I had purchased her a tutu before she was born after seeing it on the cover of BabyTalk (which I still have!). After moving to Louisiana and leaving my full-time job, I realized I had a lot of time on my hands. I hadn't realized how popular tutus were so, one day I decided I was going to make a tutu similar to the one I had purchased. After trial and error, I eventually found what worked best for me! In 2009, I founded Lehla Shop (Lehla stands for Lisa Elaine Hill Louisiana), a custom shop full of handmade goodies and couture tutus that quickly blossomed into a successful business When I first started on the well known, all things hand-made site, Etsy, I hadn't expected to expand what Lehla Shop is today.

UG: Do you have a favorite item to design?
LH: Well I still have a love for my tutus, but I would have to say my ABSOLUTE new fave is my graffiti sneaker! It allows me to return to my world of creative art and really express myself! My graffiti sneakers are completely customized to each girl and/or boy that I make them for! I had forgotten how much I loved to design!

UG: How do you find balance between “real life” and being a super MOMpreneur?
LH: Who told you I found balance...'cause they were so fibbing! lol! It's hard for me to admit I am overwhelmed! I work part-time at a local church as a childcare provider, so about 18 hrs a week are spent there. I have begun teaching ZumbAtomic classes so I will be dedicating about 4 hours a week to that. The rest is juggled between Lehla Shop and my daughter! Lately I have been stressing that I don't spend enough time with my daughter and realized that I need to treasure these years. So, it has been extremely hard finding balance for me! When they announce that there will be an extra 6 hours in the day, I will be jumping for joy! lol!

UG: What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs just starting out?
LH: If you read question #3 I am probably not the best candidate to give anyone advice! lol! What I can say is that it takes TIME! Lots of time...and patience. I have been blessed to have had a lot of good opportunities come my way, i.e. the 30th Annual News & Doc Emmy Award swag bags, a Hollywood celeb gifting and my new connection with Tori Spelling. Lehla Shop made it's mark in the world when I designed custom shirts for Liam's 3r birthday party. They were featured on her reality show, Tori & Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen where I also provided tutu's for Tori's party guests as well. In addition, Lehla Shop was one of the preferred boutique gifts at a recent baby shower hosted by Tori Spelling in August for Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, also known as "The Guncles". Having an opportunity to gift for Tori Spelling is a dream come true. I respect everything about her and she is such an inspiration to me...seeing her accomplish so much makes me work 10 x's harder! Hard work DOES make dreams come true...

UG: What is up & coming for Lisa Hill and Lehla Shop??
LH: Ooh, let's see...I was just contacted by LaunchHER, a company that gives a boost to {women owned} brands, and was chosen to be one of their freshly launched companies! The launch will bring more positive attention to my company and what Lehla Shop has to offer! Look for me at For me personally, when I am not busy with yards of tulle or painting my next graffiti sneaker, you can catch me making my way in the blogging world sharing things on the Lehla Shop blog and my life confessions on the MOMpreneur Diaries. I am also a contributing writer to the well-known, celeb loving blog Sprinkles, part of cupcakeMAG. And if that's not enough, I am currently having my first children's book edited. I am hoping my good fortune will allow me to find a publisher and someday see it on bookstore shelves! I think I have enough on my plate for now...we'll just have to see what the future brings!

10 Fun & Fab Facts about Lisa Hill

1. I used to be a completive ice skater. my dad had high hopes of me going to the Olympics, until I quit.

2. I am addicted to magazines! my husband once counted them and I had 11 magazine subscriptions!

3. My favorite color is black...then gray...

4. I own 95 pairs of shoes (that i could visibly count in my closet)! 14 of which were flip flops!

5. My daughter owns 18 pairs of shoes..she's 3! (do you see a pattern here?)

6. I dream of living in San has the perfect temperature year round...never hot, never cold. Jealous that my sister lives there!

7. I have a grand love for peanut butter. I eat it by the spoonful, shhhh!

8. I met my current husband through my ex-husband...before he was my ex! They were on the same Fire Department!

9. It once took me 3 hours to shop for 1 the same store. I have a friend who fears the words "purse shopping" from me!

10. I am addicted to the Rachel Zoe project. seriously, I think she is my girl crush! When I grow up, i wish to be trendy and fashionable and talented enough to dress celebrities!


Twirlie Whirlies said...

EEEEEEK! Fabulous post featuring a fabulous girl. It's freaking me out having two of my favourite "Twitter Girls" here in one place.

Lisa Hill said...

i am so honored to be considered a favorite! i have met some REALLY amazing people in cyber world. And some of those have blossomed into real friendships! my CBF's (cyber best friends)!
thank you kristina for thinking of me and loving me!