Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spotlight Boulevard: Twirlie Whirlies

Hello & happy day to you! For those of you that know one of my favorite things to do is post about my favorite things, namely highlighting those who I think are super cool and amazing women entrepreneurs. I have been calling these features "my favorite things". BUT really these super cool and amazing women are not "things". That and the little fact that there's this other super cool and amazing woman who already has made a name for my favorite things. So, that said, I'm thrilled to announce today will begin Spotlight Boulevard! I want to put the spotlight on super cool and amazing women and the road they have traveled to get where they are today, and also see the journey they are hopeful for in the future.

Today on Spotlight Boulevard is the seriously super cool, crafty, and a girl of my own heart being a confessed chocoholic, Shannon Torossi from Twirlies Whirlies! Let me just start with the name of her company, is it not just perfect?? If it wasn't clearly as obvious as it was to me when I first came upon it, Twirlie Whirlies are handmade paper party accessories! Ya know... Pinwheels!! Yet, these are not your typical plastic pinwheels meant to fan the garden gnomes in your backyards. Twirlie Whirlies are handcrafted using gorgeous, high quality scrapbook paper! And, you know me and paper. SWOON!

Twirlie Whirlies are fun, chic and classy! A perfect favor or decoration for a kids party! Twirlie Whirlies has even caught on as a 'Buzz Trend' in the February 2011 issue of Brides Magazine!! They can be custom made to jazz up any event you are planning!



Twirlie Whirlies also offers more darling handmade goods such as banners, flags, party hats, and favor boxes just to name a few of the party delights! You can check out all the fun at or shop at either Etsy, Etsy2 or Artfire. You can also follow Shannon on Twitter or the blog. Keep reading as I ask The FIVE and find out The TEN from the girl behind the whirl!

The FIVE... with Shannon Torossi from Twirlie Whirlies

What was the inspiration for starting your business?

My sweet little man Sebastian is my inspiration. It all began while I was searching around for some fun decorations for his "big boy bedroom". He will never know a life without a pinwheel.

What were some of the challenges that you have faced?

There have been a lot of challenges but I think the main one has, and will always be, time. There will never be enough hours in the day to do everything I want or need to do.

How do you find balance between “real life” and being a super female entrepreneur and/or MOMpreneur?

lol - who says I'm balanced? I am the most off-centred person you will ever meet! But, I do try to involve my family with my work whenever I can. My husband gets the title of "Quality Control Manager" and has the job of looking over the orders before they are mailed (and he is a tough critic - he DOES make me redo stuff). I can't wait until Sebastian is old enough to take on a few more duties for me but for now, he makes sure that all the pinwheels twirl!

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs just starting out?

My best advice would be "don't try to rush it - everything will come in time". You may have a million great ideas but just start off with one or you will get overwhelmed.

What is up & coming for your business?

Right now I can't think past today. This time of year is busy scheduling in all of the upcoming wedding orders so that has been top priority. This year I got a bit of a boost by having one of my pinwheels featured in the "Buzz Trend" section of the February 2011 issue of BRIDES Magazine. Definitely a thrill. I think my main business goal, though, will be to stay ahead of the holidays and get my themed items up early!

The TEN... with Shannon Torossi from Twirlie Whirlies

1. I have a degree in Architectural Technology.

2. My nickname as a child was "Buckwheat". I have no idea why.

3. I started snowboarding when I was 30.

4. I've been pierced 9 times but only 2 are still in existence (piercings and children don't get along).

5. Everybody thinks I should have a tattoo. I don't.

6. I have to wear a teeth grinding night guard to bed (really attractive).

7. Music is my passion, yet I don't dance. EVER!

8. I'm registered as a potential donor on the Canadian Blood Services OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network

9. I am a confessed chocoholic - currently in rehab

10. I love horror movies.


Twirlie Whirlies said...

I'm so flattered that you featured Twirlie Whirlies on your wonderful blog. Thanks so very much!

kristina said...

it was my pleasure!!! :D