Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spotlight Boulevard :: Sassy Glass Shop

Hello Hello! I hope this Thursday finds you happy & well! I for one am feeling great and full of energy, and might I even dare say... sassy! It's in the air with spring coming. Do you feel it too? No? Well, then maybe this week's featured woman owned business on Spotlight Boulevard will ignite that spark of sassiness! I am so happy to finally feature Lisa Gifford Mueller from Sassy Glass Studio!

Let me begin with saying how much I adore Lisa! Not only is she super down to earth but she is is so passionate about her businesses and teaching and connecting with others. I love that! And, yes.... I said businesses! Lisa runs Sassy Glass Studio which handcrafts one-of-a-kind fused glass art. The collection is stunning and Lisa also offers custom pieces as well. In her shop you will find beautiful works of art, so spirited and colorful. Bowls, plates, frames and jewelry! I love the funky cocktail rings! The home good pieces would be a fabulous house warming gift! With Mother's Day around the corner a fused glass art necklace would be something so special and unique.


That's some serious sass, right?? Lisa actually teaches classes too! Another great gift idea for someone or even yourself! Lisa's creativity doesn't stop at the kiln. Remember, I said businesses. When Lisa is not strutting her sassy creating fused glass art, you will find her behind the lens. She has a professional photography business with her hubby called ALM Photo! AND, Lisa also just launched something so cool called Creativity Central, which offers workshops to creative business people.

Lisa was so cool to answers some Q's and tell a little about herself. But even cooler... Lisa is offering an Etsy coupon for Uptown Girl readers!! Use code UPTOWN10 to save 10% through March 24, 2011! Thanks Lisa! You're seriously sassilicious!

Sassy Glass Studio contact info:



twitter: @AllThingsSassy

ALM Photo contact info:

website: www.ALMPHOTO.COM

twitter: @almphoto

The FIVE... with Lisa Gifford Mueller from SASSY GLASS STUDIO

Q: What was the inspiration for starting your business?

My inspiration for starting Sassy Glass Studio was actually my sister-in-law, Mary Jane, who had started Sassy Glass Studio as a hobby. One day she decided she wanted to down-size her hobby and asked if anyone in the family wanted to take over the glass and kilns. I jumped at the chance and once I mastered creating fused glass art I realized it was a great business opportunity. I guess the inspiration for my version of Sassy Glass Studio was the opportunity of endless possibilities of creating, marketing and teaching.

Q: What were some of the challenges that you have faced?

The first challenge I faced was how was I going to find buyers for my fused glass art. I knew I wouldn’t be mass-producing items so a retail type environment wasn’t an option, so I decided to focus on what I called ‘@Home Shows’ which were sort of like a Tupperware party. This worked well for a while until I got frustrated with packing and setting up my heavy, delicate glass constantly. So I decided to do art shows as a way to share my one-of-a-kind fused glass art with the masses. This was even more difficult because it was expensive to exhibit at the shows and the days were long and there was no guarantee that I would sell anything. It wasn’t until I discovered Etsy {} that I found an outlet for making sales and getting the word out about my art.

Q: How do you find balance between “real life” and being a super female entrepreneur and/or MOMpreneur?

This is a really great question for a couple of reasons. Not only do I run Sassy Glass Studio but I also have a professional photography business with my husband. Talk about a challenge and finding balance! I try to be consistent with carving out personal time for not only myself but for us as a couple. Working with your spouse can really blur the fine line between being together and ‘being together’. One bit of advice I always give other entrepreneurs is to make time for themselves to keep their body, mind and soul happy.

Q: What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs just starting out?

Ask a lot of questions. Do a ton of research. Find a mentor. No matter what industry you are in there will be someone you can get advice or learn from. Also, plan your business for success but don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you are a creative business person, take time out from the business side to focus on your creativity. It’s important to remember why you are in business. Most importantly, just do it. If you have a great idea that will solve a problem or fill a need or create something nobody else can, don’t wait for the ‘right time’ because the right time is now.

Q: What is up & coming for your business?

Sassy Glass Studio is offering classes at the beginner and intermediate level that are a great way to learn something new and create some art at the same time. I have also launched Creativity Central offering workshops to creative business people especially those who sell or wish to sell on Etsy. On the photography side of things, I am a partner in a brand new business offering video tutorials on-line as well as a forum-based community where photographers can come together to connect and learn. Going into 2011 everything about me and my businesses is focused on growing, teaching and connecting.

The TEN... with Lisa Gifford Mueller from SASSY GLASS STUDIO

{1} I am obsessed with Hello Kitty

{2} My super hero persona is Kitty Fantastic

{3} I am not embarrassed to admit the first two items

{4} I eat almost every meal with chopsticks

{5} I ride an adorable scooter with blue & white flowers all over town when the weather is nice

{6} I am that person who dances like no one is watching

{7} I can never remember the punch line to a joke

{8} Don’t tell my husband, but I am having a morning love affair with both Mr. Elliptical and Mr. Coffee

{9} I started a new Summer sport- bee petting – and have the photos to prove it

{10} I love NASCAR, monster trucks, wrestling and UFC